Motion Picture Set Medics LLC

About Us

Motion Picture Set Medics LLC is a company owned and operated by medics.

We were founded to serve the growing and specialized needs of the movie and television industry, as our name suggests. Since our founding in 2010 we have not only served a large number of productions but have provided service to a number of athletic, music and cultural events.

With 3 ambulances (we call them rescue units) and a specialized go-anywhere 4x4 offroad mini-ambulance, we have a varied platform of trucks from which to operate. Our Advanced Life Support paramedic-level
medical protocols allow us to be as or more capable than any regular ambulance service. The experience of our medics is wide ranging - from military and air ambulance specialists to 9-1-1, firefighter and critical care. 

Rescue 1 on duty at a triathlon near Cedar Crest, NM (photo by Brian Lax)

We are partnered with the
EMS Consortium at The University of New Mexico Hospital for medical direction and on-call physicians. Our physician medical director is Dr. Darren Braude, M.D. MPH EMT-P, a doctor with specialization in Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology, and an associate professor at the University of New Mexico Department of Emergency Medicine.  

All of our medics have experience on film sets and any medics who work on a motion picture assignment are also members in good standing of IATSE Local 480, the film union which covers the set medic craft in our state.

We carry an extensive insurance policy for our vehicles which also provides medical malpractice & professional liability for all of our medical staff, plus general liability for our company. 

We are a registered Special Event Medical Rescue Service (Service #127150) under the auspices of the State of New Mexico EMS Bureau.

We have our own clinic license with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, as well as New Mexico Controlled Substance Registration and DEA Licensure.

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